Headphones play a significant role in any form of music. Musicians often need them for various reasons, such as during studio recordings, mixing, monitoring, or other live music applications.

If you are recording a song in the studio, you will have different needs than those when you only tweak and control a live headphone mix. Likewise, your needs will change while recording a flute or drum. All it means is that you should select your headphones based on the application.

We often hear a common question every day; which is the best pair of headphones? This question seems to be tricky since it doesn’t include many details. Finding an appropriate set of headphones is not easy. It needs research, technical knowledge, and a great understanding of music. If you search for high-quality, professional studio headphones, you will see a dozen or even more models, all available in the same price range. So, how will you settle on a particular headphone?

We heard your voice and decided to simplify your selection process. Here we will review different headphone models based on their specs and features. In the end, you can figure out which model suits your requirements.