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Originated in the Hawaii region, the ukulele is one of the best and most unique instruments out there. It plays a vital role in the music culture of this beautiful island.

There are a lot of similarities between an acoustic guitar and the ukulele, especially the classical variations. Here, we consider the overall size, shape, working principle, and how the instrument produces sound. Even so, a ukulele is not just small in size, but it also has an entirely different tuning, which implies different playing techniques and chords.

This instrument, in general, has four different sizes, which are concert, tenor, soprano, and baritone. Now, it might confuse you during the selection process. Which one of these sizes is the best? Well, it depends on what type of tone you want. Remember, the sound of the ukulele becomes more profound and louder as you go up in size.

But you may still have different questions in mind, what is a ukulele, and how to play it? What are the different types of ukuleles? These and many other similar questions inspired us to cover various aspects of this small acoustic instrument. Here, we are reviewing different types of ukuleles from different brands, along with their best features. These reviews will help you pick the right instrument that will suit your needs.