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Many people think of Violin when they hear the word Viola. Well, these are two separate musical instruments. With a slightly large size, the viola is often connected with traditional and classical music. Even though we find both in orchestras and string quartets, violas are mostly common in indie, pop, classic, jazz, and folk-rock music.

You can find viola in many different sizes; however, professional players often select the larger ones. But for a younger player, it is necessary to pick the one that suits their stature.

That’s all about the size of the instrument. You may also want to check out other factors, such as symmetry and alignment, overall construction, tonewoods, etc. If you can’t figure out the best product, it is good to go with a brand. Numerous famous brands make the best quality viola, such as Stentor, Eastman Strings, D Z Strad, Cecilio, etc.

Remember, the market is full of many instruments of mixed qualities. A wrong selection of the instrument means continuous upgrades or repairs. It may also discourage young and experienced players. That’s why we are reviewing the top-quality products for your convenience. Check them out and get the best viola for you.