In a world where ukes are considered flippant instruments, the prominence of the tenor is rising rapidly. Even though professional Ukulele players opt for concert ukes when they’re playing to pass the time, you will never miss the warm sound of their tenor ukuleles while they’re performing.

6 Best Tenor Ukuleles Reviews

Once you play this instrument, you will realize that it generates a sweet, rich sound, and you’ll understand why it is growing in popularity.

Top 6 Best Tenor Ukuleles

But, which are the best tenor Ukuleles? With the many instruments in the industry, it might be tricky to choose the right one. The situation turns challenging when you want to play this fantastic instrument, but you don’t know which one to buy. Fear not, here are the six best tenor ukuleles you can choose from.

Product Rating

Kala Makala (MK-T)


Luna Tattoo Satin


Cordoba 15TM


Lanikai LU-21T




Cordoba 28T Koa

Makala Tenor Mahogany Ukulele by Kala (MK-T)

It doesn’t feel right to talk about ukuleles and not mention a product from Makala. They are among the biggest Uke manufacturers, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality instruments. The Kala MK-T is the best tenor ukulele for beginners or individuals on a budget.

Its mahogany body projects well, and it competes with other more expensive models. Besides, the rosewood fingerboard is quite sturdy and is spacious enough for players with large hands.

The satin finish offers a certain protection level. It also has an impressive design and a durable build since it features mahogany. The nylon strings help achieve a deep and warm tone.


  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Satin finish
  • Nylon strings
  • Rosewood bridge and fingerboard


  • Excellent sound projection
  • Lightweight and robust construction
  • Affordable


  • It goes off-tune at times
  • The tone could be more in-depth
Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural

This wonderful instrument has Hawaiian embellishment curved on top of it, which signifies continuity and permanence. Its body is made of mahogany, followed by a satin finish.

Mahogany is a decent tonewood, and it helps achieve a tone similar to a premium ukulele with more of a mid-range rich tone. The neck features the use of sturdy mahogany. The matte surface and the walnut fingerboard make it easy to play, while the shark’s teeth inlay aid you in remembering the fret numbers.

What’s more, the tuning machines feature open gears, and the nut and saddle are made of plastic. The pre-installed strings sustain this Uke’s deep and warm tone. Also, it comes with a satin gig bag, which is a fantastic bonus.


  • Mahogany body and neck
  • Satin finish
  • Walnut fingerboard
  • Shark teeth inlays
  • Open geared tuners
  • Plastic nut and saddle


  • Durable mahogany build
  • Warm mid-range tone
  • Soft walnut fingerboard
  • Solid walnut bridge
  • It comes with a gig bag


  • It may go off-tune with a new set of strings
Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

This fantastic instrument is perfect for novices and middle-level players. It is a well-sized make for people with large hands, and it’s also excellent for individuals looking to shift from playing the guitar. What’s more, it has a mahogany design, which offers a comfy feel and a decent projection as well.

This ukulele generates a rich and sophisticated tone. Its body is made of Ivoroid, while the fingerboard binding proves that it has plenty to offer when it comes to quality. It also comes with Aquila strings.


  • Mahogany top
  • Ivoroid body
  • Nylon strings


  • Sturdy mahogany build
  • Good for large hands
  • Produces an excellent, even tone
  • Outstanding Aquila strings


  • It might not be suitable for professional players
Lanikai LU-21T Tenor Ukulele

This 18-fret ukulele has a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and die-cast tuners, making it user-friendly and durable. The body features the use of Nato wood. Also, it produces a sweet deep tone with a fantastic mid-range that projects impressively. Even though it is perfect for beginners, this Uke is also good enough for intermediate players.

It has a lightweight design making it extremely portable. Even though it produces excellent sound, the frets can be a bit buzzy. Besides, it has a fancy appearance, sustains its terrific tone, and is also fun to play.


  • 18 frets
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Nato wood body
  • It comes with an instructional DVD, a cloth, and a gig bag
  • Die-cast tuning machines


  • Sturdy strings
  • User-friendly
  • Perfect for novices


  • C-String is a bit longer
  • Can be buzzy
Kala KA-SMHT Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele, Natural, Small

This ukulele has an all-solid build, which means that this tonewood generates a more mellow, warmer tune, like the one produced by ukes with laminated wood. The artificial tortoise-shell binding also ensures durability.

The saddle and nut are made of simulated bone, and the die-cast tuners and the Aquila Nylgut strings help generate the warm and resonant sound that this Uke is well-known for.


  • Aquila Nylgut strings
  • Solid mahogany body
  • Artificial tortoise-shell binding
  • Saddle and nut are made of simulated bone
  • Die-cast tuners


  • Durable make
  • Rich tone


  • Somewhat pricey
Cordoba 28T Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele

This Uke from Cordoba is made using Koa wood, and it is very affordable. Koa wood is quite popular since it was the initial wood used on Ukuleles in Hawaii. It helps achieve the traditional tone that Ukes are known for.

The Pau Ferro fingerboard complements the Koa wood leaving the Cordoba 28T looking incredible. The fingerboard also makes the tone brighter. Besides, the abalone rosette is lovely. The neck is C-shaped, and it is made of mahogany, which makes it easier to play.


  • Lightweight
  • Nylon strings
  • Koa body
  • Mahogany neck
  • Pau Ferro fingerboard


  • Well-built body
  • Affordable


  • The fingerboard is not quite responsive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to tune a tenor ukulele?

Ans: Typically, a tenor ukulele’s tuning works perfectly at GCEA, similar to the concert and soprano ukes. This tuning is also known as “C” tuning since C is the lowest pitch when utilizing the reentrant tuning.

2. How long is a tenor ukulele?

Ans: The tenor ukulele is approximately 26 inches tall. Typically, the tenor uke’s scale is 2 inches longer, with a wider neck, and it is also heavier than the concert Uke. This additional length gives room for more space between frets.

Our Top Pick

Makala Ukes are quite popular among musicians for their warm sound and durability. Thus, the Kala MK-T can work beyond your expectations. It is our top pick since it is cheap, durable, has a reliable tuner, and it’s easy to play. Also, it produces a mellow tone, and it comes with a padded gig bag.

Another thing to love about it is its excellent design. This ukulele looks not only stylish but also feels comfortable when you start playing it. So, this one is sure to impress the audience!