4 Best Mendini Violins Reviewed

Best Mendini Violins

You will probably hear many different names if you ask your teacher or friends to name their favorite violin model. But that name may not be the right answer. That’s because the best violin is the one that we use during the learning phase. No matter how good or bad we are at playing it, the first violin often creates a permanent impression in our minds.

That’s why, in today’s post, we will review some of the best student violins available in the market.

Top 4 Best Mendini Violins

Mendini violins are part of a famous brand – Cecilio. Therefore, these violins are loaded with many standard features, making them excellent at fulfilling the learner’s needs.

The Mendini violin series is available in different colors and sizes. Thus, students can pick the best model depending on their budget and hand size.

Mendini – MV2004
Mendini – MV3004
Mendini – MV4004.2
Mendini – MV5004.5

1. Mendini – MV200

Mendini Solid Wood Violin with Hard Case, Bow, Rosin and Extra Strings (4/4, Natural)

The MV200 model is perfect for students who want to make a transition to upgrade their violin skills. However, don’t anticipate the sound quality to be as superior and vibrant as concert hall performances.

The MV200 has a wooden body carved in a beautiful shape like any other ordinary violin. Even though this model does not have the same recognition as other top-selling violins, you will enjoy playing it alone and get a similar feeling as expensive violins.


  • Includes beginner-level accessories


  • Affordable
  • Produces warm and soft sound
  • Available in seven attractive colors (antique, black, white, natural, blue, pink, and purple)


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • Tuning issues

2. Mendini – MV300

Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV300 Solid Wood Violin with Tuner, Lesson Book, Extra Strings, Shoulder Rest, Bow and Case, Satin Antique Finish

The MV300 model provides beginner-level players with all the necessary accessories. It can undoubtedly encourage young violinists who lack experience but have the desire to produce music. The unique thing about this violin model is that it comes with a small clip-on tuner. This tool helps you tune the instrument correctly, even in noisy surroundings.

Note that the look, construction, and features of both MV200 and MV300 models are the same. However, in MV300, you will get better sound quality and enhanced finishing.


  • Durable construction
  • Standard design


  • Enhanced tone quality
  • Available in seven colors (varnish, black, blue, satin antique, purple, white, and pink)


  • Quite heavy
  • Pegs may slip-off

3. Mendini – MV400

Mendini MV400 Ebony Fitted Solid Wood Violin with Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Extra Bridge and Strings - Size 4/4, (Full Size)

An upgrade of the previous item, the MV400, can produce a deep and cheerful tone. The use of quality materials and perfect fittings ensure beautiful resonance. This violin is ideal for new players. However, it is quite durable that you can pass it on to someone else after completing the initial learning phase.

Considering the overall design and finishing, the manufacturer has done a splendid job on this model. This violin’s features and sound quality suit any reasonably priced violin.


  • Visually attractive instrument
  • Sturdy wooden construction


  • Easy to tune
  • Available in four standard sizes (1/2, 1/4, 3/4, and 4/4)


  • Setup required

4. Mendini – MV500

Mendini MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Violin with Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Strings (Size: 4/4 (Full Size))

The MV500 model comes at an affordable price, which is why teachers mostly recommend this violin to their students. Even though this violin has a low cost, it doesn’t compromise the sound quality. The sound projection is as better as any highly-priced model.

The glossy varnish finish on this model further improves its look. The MV500 model also has an easy-to-read chromatic tuner with a big display.


  • Chromatic tuner
  • Perfectly fitted


  • Comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Available in three sizes (1/2, 3/4, and 4/4)


  • Strings and bow quality should be improved


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I count on Mendini violins for long-term use?

Yes, buying any of these Mendini violins can be a wise decision. These violins are durable enough to serve you for years to come. To increase the life of your instrument, you must take time to do regular maintenance. Ensure you clean the violin body, strings, and bow quite often. Even though all these violins are more suitable for beginners, you can make advancements in your product by replacing particular parts, such as strings, bow, etc.

Do Mendini violins stay tuned for longer?

Note that violins never stay tuned for a longer time. The time that they can hold the tune varies greatly. It depends on the model, brand, and how hard you play the instrument. The Mendini violins can carry the tune quite well for around 45 to 90 minutes, which is longer than many other student violins.

Does the package include rosin as well?

Yes, all these violins come as an outfit, which means you also get a rosin cake. The quality of the rosin is average and sufficient to keep up with an everyday playing task. However, you must look for a branded rosin to improve the sound quality. Here is a list of top-selling, best violin rosins.

Our Top Pick

Well, picking the best model from this list is quite easy. As you can guess, MV500 deserves the top place because of its exceptional features. It is designed to deliver smooth and clear sound, thanks to the quality tonewood used. It is lightweight and suitable for both beginner and intermediate-level students.

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