11 Best Violin Books for Beginner and Advanced Violinists

Best Violin Books for Beginners

Why do we buy books when we can get enough guidance from our school teachers? Well, that’s because teachers can’t be with us all the time.

At one point, we need to become self-sufficient to dive deep into the subject and learn newer concepts.

Learning a new musical instrument has the same approach. You can master violin skills quickly and effortlessly by combining a music teacher’s guidance with a suitable violin book.

Top 11 Best Violin Books

Below are some top-selling violin books that can guide any beginner-level player through their text content and other resources.

Suzuki Volume 14.7
Suzuki Volume 24.8
Suzuki Volume 34.8
Suzuki Volume 44.9
Suzuki Volume 54.8
Suzuki Volume 64.8
Suzuki Volume 74.8
Essential Elements 14.7
Essential Elements 24.8
115VN Book 14.6
78VN Book 14.8

1. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 1

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 1: Violin Part, Book & CD

Suzuki music school has launched a series of books for different musical instruments, and Suzuki Violin School is one of them. There are 10 books in this series where the first volume reveals the Suzuki Method.

This method introduces the principle that our kids can excel at music from an early age. It also shows how a nurturing environment can improve and enhance their skills. The Suzuki Method applies to both young and adult players who want to harness their violin skills.


  • Introduces the Suzuki Method
  • 48 pages


  • Easy learning with a book and CD
  • Available in four languages (English, Spanish, French, and German)


  • Quite challenging for new players

2. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 2

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 2: Violin Part: 002 (Suzuki Violin School, Violin Part) by Suzuki, Shinichi (1994) Sheet music

The second volume of the Suzuki Violin School book takes one step ahead in developing good ears. Students can spend ample time listening to violin and piano recordings.

This edition consists of a comprehensive guide and CD. So, it creates a fantastic interactive learning environment for new learners. Students can learn and play the violin by listening to experts.


  • Book and CD
  • 39 pages


  • Great learning source for beginners
  • Interactive learning


  • The quality of the kindle version should be improved

3. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 3

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 3: Violin Part

In the third volume of the Suzuki Violin School book, the author depicts the importance of tonalization. The author believes that every musician and violinist should work on improving the tones every day. The book also describes various exercises and styles, such as Vibrato, Minuet, etc.

If you are learning violin on your own or are willing to get some insightful lessons, this third volume is a must-have.


  • Ample exercises
  • 28 pages


  • Includes notation guide
  • Available in three formats (paperback, kindle, and audio)


  • Not suitable for higher-level learning

4. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 4

Suzuki Violin School - Volume 4

You might like volume 4 of Suzuki Violin School if you believe in slow and steady learning. This volume contains a wide range of lessons and pleasant yet exciting repertoire. It guides intermediate-level violinists and helps them progress as they learn more.

However, if you are buying this book for someone beginner or a youngster, make sure you appoint a private tutor.


  • Includes pleasant songs for easy learning
  • 32 pages


  • Improved difficulty level from previous volumes
  • Suitable for advanced players


  • May need additional help from a personal trainer

5. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 5

Suzuki Violin School: Violin Part, Vol. 5 (Suzuki Method Core Materials)

Volume 5 of Suzuki Violin School contains pieces from different classical composers. It gives students a thorough, well-rounded, and incredible learning experience. The well-structured approach of this book makes the learning process much easy and more exciting.

It looks like the author has balanced the difficulty level in this volume. This one is quite simple than that of volume 4.


  • It contains varied pieces to harness violin skills
  • Improved readability with new engravings
  • 36 pages


  • Available in audio paperback, kindle, and (CD) formats.
  • Excellent source for learning new skills


  • Suitable for beginners only

6. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 6

Suzuki Violin School, Volume 6

The revised edition of volume 6 contains sufficient pieces for students to practice. Thus, they can use these pieces to master different violin skills through specific instructions and constant practice.

This book consists of different photos and instructional texts, making it very easy to read and learn. You can also buy sheet music separately.


  • Includes many new pieces
  • 32 pages


  • Well-balanced difficulty level
  • Excellent source for music teachers


  • Not available in audio/CD format

7. Suzuki Violin School by Shinichi Suzuki – Volume 7

Suzuki Violin School, Vol 7: Violin Part

This volume is perhaps the Suzuki Violin School series’s most useful and valuable book. Like other volumes, this one also contains many pieces you can practice regularly to keep each lesson in mind.

If you plan to learn violin skills at home, this volume may not be the right choice. That’s because the Suzuki Method and this volume will give the best results if someone trained is standing nearby.


  • Includes high-quality recordings
  • 36 pages


  • Easy to learn
  • It contains many bowing tips


  • Kindle format not available

8. Essential Elements for Strings – Violin Book 1

Essential Elements for Strings - Book 1 with EEi: Violin

It is another useful book for beginner-level violinists. This book features many helpful exercises and appealing yet pleasant songs. These exercises are crucial if you want to get familiar with the violin, its parts, and its aesthetic qualities.

This book provides you with digital resources, such as CDs, online library access, etc. Moreover, it also describes sheet music and teaches how to read and implement it in real life.


  • It gives access to digital resources
  • 48 pages


  • Great for classroom learning
  • Well-organized chapters
  • Easy to follow instructions


  • Not for individuals, as you may need extra help from a music teacher
  • Not available in Kindle format

9. Essential Elements for Strings – Violin Book 2

Essential Elements for Strings - Book 2 with EEi: Violin

If you are looking for a comprehensive book that meets today’s learning system’s needs, then you should buy Essential Elements for Strings. Just like book 1, this book also provides many precise lessons.

You should buy both book 1 and book 2 to get a complete understanding of violin playing. In the first book, you will learn the basics. However, book 2 takes you to the next level by introducing advanced-level methods, such as playing chords, flat notes, etc.


  • New lessons
  • 48 pages


  • Available in spiral-bound and paperback formats
  • Supports self-learning


  • Not suitable for pro players

10. 115VN – String Basics – Book 1

115VN - String Basics: Steps to Success for String Orchestra Violin Book 1

The String Basics is an all-in-one book that comprises a stepwise sequence of learning violin. This book can become a useful resource for both students and teachers. Besides, this book gives you access to many other interactive materials, such as videos and audio files.

Overall, if you are looking for a comprehensive book that will walk with you or your child throughout the music learning journey, then you must go for this book.


  • Easy learning with audio and video lessons
  • Includes chart diagrams and color photos
  • 48 pages


  • Provides ample practice material
  • Delivers both theoretical and practical knowledge


  • Kindle format not available

11. 78VN – All For Strings – Book 1

78VN - All For Strings Book 1: Violin

Similar to String Basics, this book also covers a thorough syllabus to learn the violin. It is available in three volumes. You can buy this book to learn the basics of the violin. Later, you can order the next two volumes to transform yourself from primary to intermediate-level player.

All lessons in this book are well-formatted and organized, which makes it an easy-to-understand handbook for beginners.


  • Best book for education purposes
  • 48 pages


  • Suitable for both young and adult players
  • Develops technical and performance skills


  • It should be available in kindle format


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn violin by reading a book?

Remember, books support your theoretical knowledge and encourage self-learning. You can read relevant books and learn almost any instrument to some extent. However, your violin skills will develop more in classroom sessions under the guidance of a music teacher.

What defines a good violin book?

A good violin book is one that presents information in a well-structured manner, supported by enough color photos and diagrams. It should also give you access to extra digital resources, such as media library, video and audio tutorials, etc.

Our Top Pick

Of course, 115VN – String Basics by Terry Shade and Jeremy Woolstenhulme should be our top pick. There are so many reasons why this particular book stands out from others. First, it covers an entire syllabus that is essential for a novice. Moreover, it supports self-learning, meaning you don’t need a personal trainer to guide you on every concept mentioned in the book.

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