Whether it’s scroll, fingerboard, peg, or fine tuner, each part of the violin plays a vital role in improving the instrument’s playability and performance. One such part is the violin bridge. As the name suggests, the violin bridge acts as a support for the strings. This piece is mostly made of maple wood and placed below the strings.

best violin bridges

Besides being handy and decorative, it also plays an active role in the production of sound by transmitting the vibrations of the strings into the instrument body. Thus, as a learner or professional violinist, it is quite crucial to go for the best violin bridge available at this time.

Top 8 Best Violin Bridges

The market of violin bridges is so vast. Hence, you won’t run out of the best options that can meet your needs. Below are the top 8 violin bridges that we have filtered out to help you pick the best model.

Product Rating

Aubert VB-10


Sky Maple


LR Baggs VIO


Cremona VP-203


Aubert VB-7


YMC Vio-1826


Violin Woodworkshop


D’Luca VB-2-44


1. Aubert Violin Bridge – VB-10

Aubert VB-10 De Luxe Old Violin Bridge - 4/4 Size

The Aubert, a France based company, has around 150 years of experience in violin accessories. They have been producing a wide range of high-quality, durable violin bridge models. This VB-10 old violin bridge model has a stylish look and perfect cutting, ensuring it meets the higher proficiency standards.

The use of European maple further adds to its characteristics, making it ultra-durable and lightweight (just 0.32 ounces.) Moreover, it doesn’t affect the overall sound quality and tonal output. Installing this bridge on a student violin can significantly change the performance level and sound like a professional instrument.


  • A reputed and well-established manufacturer
  • High-quality material


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Helps you achieve more profound and vibrant sounds


  • Expensive
  • You may want to carve the top to get the best fitting

2. Sky Violin Maple Bridge

SKY Fitted 4/4 Full Size Violin Maple Bridge

If you choose the product based on quality and affordability, then the SKY violin bridge is worth considering. The use of premium quality, well-crafted maple provides the highest possible performance. You can notice a nicely cut pattern on the top of this bridge. It allows a perfect fitting and also avoids sliding of the strings.

This bridge is fully adjustable, which further enhances its functionality. Besides, it also provides excellent sonic performance and helps you achieve your sound goals while playing the violin.


  • Durable
  • Improved sonic results
  • Carefully cut to suit most violins


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Completely adjustable
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Low cost


  • More suitable for advanced players only
  • Requires shaping

3. LR Baggs Best Violin Pickup – Model VIO

LR Baggs Violin Pickup with External Jack Mount

It is the second electric violin bridge pickup that we are reviewing in this list. Like the Kmise bridge, the L.R. Baggs violin pickup is known to offer fantastic, steady performance. As expected, this bridge has a remarkable build quality.

This piece features a small vibration transducer placed directly into the bridge, which is then paired with an external Jack. So, it never affects the tonal output.


  • Does not change the original acoustic features of the violin
  • Provides smooth, studio-quality response


  • Great tool for professionals, especially while recording
  • Rejects external body and string noise


  • Not suitable for students
  • Hard to install

4. Cremona Violin Bridge – VP-203

Cremona VP-203 3-star Violin Bridge - 1/2 Size

The next bridge on our list is a Cremona VP-203 model. This brand is quite famous for offering a combination of affordability and variety. So, this bridge comes in a variety of sizes, with each piece having a reasonable price tag.

If you seek a smooth playing experience, then go for the Cremona VP-203 3-star violin bridge.


  • Stylish and long-lasting model
  • Boosts sonic output


  • Extremely lightweight (0.106 ounces)
  • Perfect fitting
  • Available in seven sizes


  • Not suitable for professional violinists

5. Aubert Violin Bridge – VB-7

Aubert VB-7 Select Figured Violin Bridge - 4/4 Size

The Aubert VB-7 is a full-size violin bridge. This bridge is semi-fitted; thus, you will never find it difficult to slide this piece right into the correct position.

If you seek a little bit extra snug fit, then go ahead and lightly sand it down. However, if you are a newbie, then you may need to find a professional to fix this bridge on your violin.


  • Produce pleasant sounds
  • High-quality maple


  • A great design from an aesthetic viewpoint
  • Tough enough to withstand long-drawn practice sessions
  • Fairly priced


  • It is extra thick as compared to other bridges

6. YMC 2 Piece Maple Violin Bridges – Vio-1826

YMC Violin-Bridge-4/4-2PC Maple Violin Bridges, 2 Piece

It is a slightly different entry into our list. This impressive set of YMC bridge comes with two unfitted bridges that are suitable for full-size instruments. You can either use them on two separate instruments or put one of them as a spare. Note that you may want to do a little bit sanding so that they can fit well on your violin.

Both bridges are made of high-quality maple, ensuring they can endure wear and tear issues. So, if you spend more time practicing on your instrument, this combo will give you a perfect deal.


  • Uncut design, making them suitable for most instruments
  • Protection against damage


  • Ideal for long-hours practices
  • Affordable
  • Requires minimum cutting


  • Too thick as compared to other bridges

7. Violin Woodworkshop Aubert Semi-Fitted 100543 Teller Germany Violin Bridge

4/4 Violin Aubert Semi Fitted Bridge: 100543 Teller Germany 01042FU, With E Ebony insert, of Bosnian Maple A Product of Germany VWWS

You may have already heard about this Teller Germany bridge. This piece is quite famous among professional violinists as it comes with a lot of attractive features. A nicely cut top of this bridge makes it stand out of the rest.

If you are using a beginner level instrument and want to upgrade its sound, go for this semi-fitted model.


  • Best fitting
  • An excellent combination of quality, sturdiness, and affordability


  • Extra-fine, high-quality maple
  • Good for extended sessions
  • Affordable


  • Though it comes pre-cut, you may need to do some shaping

8. D’Luca Standard Violin Bridge – VB-2-44

D'Luca VB-2 Standard Violin Bridge - 4/4

The D’Luca VB-2 model is available in various sizes. This bridge is ideal for the replacement purpose. The best part about this violin bridge is that it combines the features of many other bridges. As a result, this model offers a smooth and exceptional string performance.

Note that this bridge is quite thick and tall, with no pre-cutting. So, you may need to make a few adjustments before fixing it.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Unfitted model


  • Adjustable
  • Affordable


  • It may show fitting issues

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to put a bridge on violin?

Ans: The violin bridge placement requires a lot of practice, as it may not be an easy task that anyone can do. Firstly, don’t try to fix the bridge on tightened strings. For proper violin bridge setup, you have to recognize the G-string and E-string sides. After that, release the strings slightly so that you can make adjustments for placing the bridge. Now, you can find the F-holes located near the violin’s head. Place your bridge right in the middle of the F-holes. Lastly, tighten the strings of your violin once again.

You also need to think about the string spacing if the bridge is not pre-cut. An ideal violin bridge string spacing is 34-35 mm between the G and E strings on the bridge.

2. What is the ideal thickness of a violin bridge?

Ans: A thinner bridge is known to create deeper and more vibrant sound than those that are too thick. However, there are no standard measures that can define a particular thickness as an ideal one. The foot thickness of the bridge should be between 4mm to 5mm. Likewise, it should be 1/16 inch thick at the top.

Besides thickness, you should also consider the violin bridge angle. The bridge’s back should be at a 90-degree angle to the top of your violin.

3. What is the meaning of unfitted and fitted bridge?

Ans: If the bridge’s shape is like a crown and the string slots are previously cut, then it is a fitted bridge. In an unfitted bridge, the crown will have some excess wood on it. You may need to shape the unfitted bridge by taking down this wood to suit the radius of the fingerboard.

Our Top Pick

The Aubert Semi-Fitted Violin Bridge will be our top pick from the above list. It is an excellent, high-quality bridge manufactured by a reputed company (Joseph Teller Corp.) As you can see, this bridge has an Ebony U insert on its top, which serves as a sign for the E-string. The U insert also helps prevent dragging of the strings. A premium quality material (Bosnia maple) is used in the making of this bridge. Considering all these features and the reasonable price, it seems like this bridge surpasses other models in this list.