10 Best Violin Cases Reviewed

Best Violin Cases

We often do many things to protect our violin, such as cleaning the violin body, tightening the strings, applying rosin, etc. However, some abrupt events can put our instrument at risk of getting scratches, bruises, knocks, or any other damage.

The chances of these damages are even more when we travel frequently.

Therefore, every violinist must invest in a high-quality, durable violin case. Below we list the top 10 violin cases that can keep your instrument safe.

Top 10 Best Violin Cases

Nowadays, violin cases are available in different shapes and qualities. Many models provide storage space for keeping various violin accessories.

Tonareli Oblong4.5
Bam France 2002XL3.7
Gewa Air5
Bobelock Half Moon4.5
Crossrock Backpack4.6
Yinfente Oblong4.4
D’Luca Double4.9
Nova Pedi 83004.7
Hofner HardShell4.6
Sky Oblong VNCW064.4

1. Tonareli Orange Full-Size Fiberglass Violin Case

Tonareli Oblong Fiberglass Violin Case - Orange 4/4 VNFO1005

Tonareli is a famous brand that offers a wide range of musical accessories, especially cases and covers. This case has a perfectly designed interior with many detachable compartments to keep your accessories in place.

This Tonareli violin case will impress you with its comfort and ability to protect your violin.


  • Fiberglass construction
  • Good protection
  • It comes with soft shoulder straps


  • Ample storage space
  • Looks stylish


  • It should include outer pockets to keep additional accessories

2. Bam France Hightech Tweed-Look Violin Case

Bam France 2002XL Contoured Hightech Tweed-Look 4/4 Violin Case

If you are looking for a resilient and compact violin case to hold most of your accessories, you should go for any Bam violin case. This case is one of the top-selling models among all products created by the Bam France brand.

This case has a teardrop shape. Besides, its interior contains a high-density foam that can absorb shocks and other impacts while traveling.


  • Lightweight
  • Airtight seal
  • Guaranteed ultra-protection


  • Unique design
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes cushioning in the interior


  • Quite expensive

3. Gewa Air Full-Size Violin Case

Gewa Air Series Shaped White 4/4 Violin Case

The Gewa air violin case’s design is more like a traditional violin’s shape. Thus, it offers perfect, airtight storage for any full-size violin. Also, this case comes in a fresh white color, giving it a stylish look. It features a thermoplastic shell, ensuring no weather conditions and temperature variations can affect your instrument.

Even though it doesn’t contain many compartments for keeping accessories, it can still be the best option for young players who rely on fewer accessories to carry out their practice sessions.


  • Compact size
  • Highly-durable
  • Thermoplastic shell


  • Good for new players
  • Guarantees all-weather protection


  • It should include more space for accessories

4. Bobelock Half Moon Full-Size Violin Case

Bobelock Half Moon 1047 Black/Gray 4/4 Violin Case

The Bobelock violin case will surely get your attention for its simple making. This case comes in a beautiful combination of black and blue color. Besides, it has ample space to store two bows and other accessories.

If the climate in your area reaches an extreme level more often, you might need a hygrometer. Luckily, this violin case also includes a separate hygrometer that can measure the humidity inside your violin case.


  • Modern design
  • Comfortable to use and carry
  • Includes hygrometer


  • Affordable
  • Soft velour interior


  • Quite heavy (almost 6.5 pounds)

5. Crossrock Fiberglass Backpack Style Violin Case

Crossrock Violin Fiberglass Case 4/4 Full Size Backpack Style, Black (CRF1000VBK)

If you prefer a sturdy and durable covering instead of a soft one, you must go for this Crossrock fiberglass violin case. After all, buying a hard violin case relieves you from the worries of protecting your instrument.

The overall design and backpack style of this case make it look stylish. Moreover, it comes in 11 colors and 4 sizes, giving you ample options to choose your favorite style.


  • Highly-durable
  • Velvet interior


  • Provides ample space to store violin accessories
  • Fairly priced


  • May feel uncomfortable to carry

6. Yinfente Full-size Carbon Fiber Violin Case

4/4 New violin Case Carbon fiber Fiberglass Oblong case Strong Light Full size music Sheet Bag (caseb1)

This full-size violin case is one of the toughest oblong cases available. This case also features a hygrometer, which makes it perfect for carrying at multiple locations with rough climate conditions.

It is a carbon fiber violin case, so you can see a hard exterior. However, the interior of this case has soft padding, which is necessary to keep your violin and other accessories safe.


  • Oblong case
  • Highly-durable


  • Ensures complete safety of your instrument
  • Inexpensive


  • The case has an outdated look

7. D’Luca Double Violin Case

D'Luca CP04M-BKBU Double Violin Case Black-Burgundy

Many violinists must bring two separate violins during gigs, especially professional ones. However, it can be hard to buy and carry two cases simultaneously. This double violin case by D’Luca can get you out of this trouble.

Even though this case features abundant storage to keep two violins and other accessories, it is still lightweight compared to most single violin cases.


  • Large enough to store two violins
  • Best protection
  • Standard design


  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Handmade
  • Features a lock system


  • Quite bulky

8. Nova Strings Pedi Violin Case

Pedi Violin Case 8300, Black ext/Camel int

The Pedi violin case doesn’t include a lot of charm or a stylish look; however, it offers incredible protection against any damage. That’s because this case contains steel frames within its shells.

This case comes with detachable shoulder straps instead of D-rings, making it convenient to carry along the way. The use of soft cushions further improves the comfort level.


  • Tough and highly-durable
  • Includes digital hygrometer


  • Available in two color options – black and brown
  • Waterproof


  • Heavy
  • Basic design

9. Hofner HardShell Violin Case


Many professional violinists often need to travel from one place to another. Therefore, they don’t have any choice other than to buy a hard-shell violin case. This Hofner violin bass case is tough enough to withstand long-distance travel in public transit.

Even though this case doesn’t offer much space for keeping accessories, it is still an excellent option to protect your violin.


  • Extremely durable
  • Stylish look


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight


  • The storage space is limited to the violin only

10. Sky Solid Wood Violin Oblong Case

Sky Violin Oblong Case VNCW06 Solid Wood with Hygrometers Coffee/Brown

This durable and spacious violin case by Sky stands out among all other oblong violin case models. It has shoulder straps and handles, ensuring full convenience and flexibility in carrying this violin case.

From rosinbows, and shoulder rest to the violin, this case has ample space to store most of your violin gears.


  • Stylish look with velvet interior
  • Sturdy construction


  • Comfortable to carry
  • Built-in hygrometer


  • Quite heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these violin cases lockable?

Note that the locking mechanism is a unique feature unavailable in all violin cases. Some brands, such as D’Luca and Guardian Cases, provide the lock system in their models. However, some models feature spring latches to avoid accidental opening of the case. For additional security, you can consider buying a case cover.

How many compartments should there be in a violin case?

Even though there is no standard set in this regard, an ideal violin case contains up to four inner compartments and some outer pockets. The commonly found dedicated compartments allocate storage space for violin bow holders and shoulder rest. Likewise, the standard external pockets offer a storage facility for rosin, music sheet, and other accessories.

What is the use of shoulder straps?

Many violin cases come with a couple of shoulder straps. These shoulder straps help you convert any violin case into a backpack. These straps distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders, making it much more convenient to carry.

What is the ideal weight of a violin case?

The weight of a violin case differs depending on the size and material used. Ideally, this weight should be anywhere between 4 to 5 pounds. Any model crossing 5 pounds will be heavy, i.e., hard to carry. Likewise, if the weight is less than 4 pounds, the quality of the product can be questionable.

Our Top Pick

The D’Luca Double Violin Case is undoubtedly the top product among all these great violin cases. The reason is simple! This violin case alone serves the purpose of two separate cases. From its zipper to internal padding, D’Luca has used premium quality materials to ensure your violin’s complete safety. Besides, you can carry this violin case as a backpack with the help of its adjustable shoulder straps, making this case super convenient.

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