Violin mutes work precisely during the practice sessions, especially if you don’t want to disturb others with the sound.

You will require a violin practice mute to dampen the overall sound intensity of your violin.

Top 7 Best Violin Mutes

It is essential to consider the material and the size of the mute because these factors have a significant impact on the sound and timbre of the violin.

If you are now looking to get a new ultra practice mute violin, then you should consider even more factors than just the size and material. It includes ease of use, acoustic quality, and aesthetics. The mute should be easy to slide into place. Besides, it should also be easy to remove from the bridge. The right mute should not alter the quality of the sound produced by your violin. In short, it is also essential to consider a lot of aesthetics before buying.

Product Rating
JSI Brass Mute 4.5
Tourte Mute 4.5
Rubber Mute 4.7
Glaesel Mute 4.6
Polly Mute 3.9
Spector Mute 4.6
Prong Mute 4.8

What are the Different Types of Violin Mutes?

There are hundreds of violin mutes available in the market. If you go about looking for the perfect one for your violin or viola, you will undoubtedly feel overwhelmed. Therefore, it is better to start by considering the mute’s type and then evaluating the factors mentioned earlier. The different kinds of violin practice mute are as follows.

These types of mutes are widely popular for orchestral and solo playing. They are typically made of black rubber and are known for being safe on the strings. Besides, they have a small nub on the top that makes them easy to install and remove from the bridge. Lastly, you can also keep them on the violin even when not playing the instrument.

If you need a heavy-duty practice mute, then these tough mutes can be ideal for you. Their design enables them to cause significant sound dampening. You will prefer these practice mutes if you don’t want to disturb others. Moreover, they are made of black rubber and fit over the bridge and don’t just hook onto the strings. If you’re looking for a violin mute to cause dramatic sound dampening, then you shouldn’t ignore these.

These are also widely popular ultra practice mute violin mutes. They are durable and made of black rubber and are safe on the strings. They are usually used in orchestra due to their ease of sliding into place and smaller size. You can also leave it on the instrument when not in use. The unique shape and size indicate that it doesn’t cause excess sound dampening like other alternatives.

The working of this brass violin mute is almost similar to that of the Ultra Violin Mutes. However, both are different in terms of tone. It is made of metal and can create higher sound muting. Despite this, it maintains a sharp and clear tone. If you need more sound dampening and don’t want to cause any disturbance, then this is the ideal practice mute. Yet, it will not reduce the sound quality.

These practice mutes also slide up to the bridge and have some similarity to the Tourte mutes. However, it causes only mild sound dampening. So, you will find it perfect for muting in solo settings or orchestra. It uses a spring system; thus, you should be careful to protect the strings. Also, make sure that you don’t join the strings too tightly.

If you prefer experimenting with a wide range of tones, then these are just the right ultra practice mute violin mutes for you. They can easily slide onto the bridge. You may leave them in place even when not playing. Moreover, they make the perfect choice for a wide range of orchestral playing.

So, it is essential to choose the right practice mute based on the violin mute purpose. Here are 7 of the top violin practice mutes for you to consider and choose from.

Top 7 Best Violin Mutes

1. JSI Heavy Brass Practice Mute – JSI-1034

Heavy Brass Practice Mute for Violins and Small Viola by JSI

It is a solid practice brass mute made of chrome-plated brass. It allows you to practice in almost any setting. Moreover, it is designed for optimal sound dampening. Also, its design will enable you to use it with your violin or even with a small viola.

If you are looking for a practice mute that helps reduce the volume because of your location or if you want to practice at night, then this mute can be the right option.


  • Elegant chrome plating
  • Optimal sound dampening
  • Designed for heavy practice


  • Fitting the grooves to the bridge can be difficult initially

2. JSI Round Tourte Style Mute – JSI-1606

Round Tourte Style Mute for Violin and Small Viola

This round Tourte-style mute is made of rubber. Its unique design allows it to fit the bridge’s curvature and shape. If you live in an apartment and like to practice while keeping the volume low, then this can be an excellent violin mute.

It is suitable for both violins and small violas. Also, it provides excellent contact, balanced sound, and superior mute power.


  • It can install instantly
  • Very easy to change
  • It conforms to the bridge’s shape/curvature


  • Quality could be better

3. Violin WoodWorkShop Black Rubber Mute – Model 101274

Ultra USA: Black Rubber Mute for 4/4 Violin, for very quiet practice VWWS USA

It is a made in USA, black rubber mute designed for use with your 4/4 violin. However, you can also use it with 14-inch violas.

It is designed for quiet practice in almost any setting. This mute can adjust well on a bridge that has been properly fitted.


  • Perfect for tranquil practice
  • It perfectly fits on a bridge


  • Stiff material makes it challenging to put on

4. Glaesel Violin Ultra Practice Mute – Model GL3834

Glaesel GL3834 Violin Ultra Practice Mute

It is a heavy rubber, 5 prong violin ultra practice mute from Glaesel designed for advanced level of muting. Well, it is capable of preserving the tune quality better than a metal alternative. Besides, it has a unique design that suits well with 4/4 violin.

If you are looking for a practice mute for the late-night training, then this can reduce the volume optimally.


  • Excellent mute capacity
  • Preserves tune quality


  • Strong rubbery smell

5. Polly Mute for Violin – Model Pol-2673

Polly Mute for Violin Clear

It is a unique mute from Polly that is designed to deliver quality output and optimal volume reduction. It helps produce warm and beautiful acoustics. Moreover, it weighs just 0.48 ounces and is available in a wide range of color options, including red, black, and clear.

If you are looking for a practice mute for a full-sized violin that doesn’t cause a dramatic sound reduction, then this Polly Mute is an excellent option. It reduces the sound just enough to play with other instruments without overwhelming them. Furthermore, it makes the sound quality warmer and doesn’t cause detraction from the original acoustic qualities of the violin.


  • Helps produce warm & pleasant sound
  • Fits well


  • Reduces sound slightly

6. Super Sensitive Spector Violin Mute – Model 9491

Super Sensitive Spector Violin Mute Copper

This Super Sensitive violin practice mute was designed by the well-known artist Fred Spector of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Besides, it is made of unique synthetic material. The mute slides with ease over the bridge.

This copper-colored practice mute provides you precisely what you want and produces lovely sound. It is so tiny, yet it can make so much difference.


  • Designed by a well-known violinist
  • Slides easily on the bridge


  • Can rattle loosely in some cases

7. ViolinSmart Rubber Violin Mute – Model MUS266005

ViolinSmart 5 Prong Rubber Violin Mute

This ViolinSmart rubber mute is perfect for violins of size 4/4. It comes with heavy rubber making for durability and reliability. This 5 prong practice mute provides excellent muting while at the same time preserving the tone quality. You can use it reliably for practicing at night or in your apartment without allowing huge sounds to come out of your instrument. Moreover, it has been designed to be lightweight and is safe to use. This practice mute weighs just 0.32 ounces.

Also, this mute is strong enough and offers some advantages over its wooden and metal counterparts. It doesn’t loosen up or fall off after some time of experiencing vibration. However, it is also not too stiff to dig into the bridge or leave track marks when used repetitively. The grip is much better if you compare it with heavy metal practice mutes. Lastly, this mute is both durable and soft at the same time.


  • Perfectly grips the bridge
  • Excellent volume reduction while preserving tone quality


  • Some users may not like the high rigidity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do these violin practice mutes work with all violin sizes?

Ans: You must know how to use a violin practice mute before buying any of these. All of these practice mutes come with size specifications. So, match with your violin before placing order.

2. Can these violin mutes work with violas?

Ans: Some of these mutes can work while some can’t. However, it also mostly depends on the size of the viola.

3. How to install a violin mute?

Ans: To install a violin mute, you need to place the mute on top of the bridge, and then it will silence the strings.

Our Top Pick

Finally, our top pick is theĀ ViolinSmart 5 Prong Rubber Violin Mute. The foremost reason is its making, which is of heavy rubber that offers the best of all the other different materials without their flaws. Also, it is a 5 prong mute and can reduce volume yet preserve the tone quality. It is also lightweight and designed for safe use. Moreover, it can provide an excellent grip on the bridge and stays in its place. In short, it means that you don’t have to worry about the mute getting dislodged from its position even when not used for a long time.