6 Best Violin Pegs Reviewed

Best Violin Pegs

Like any other part, pegs are essential in improving your violin’s overall performance. Despite their small size, pegs can help you achieve the desired tone quality by keeping your violin strings at the right tension. Besides, they can also enhance the value and appearance of the violin. If your violin goes out of tune more often, it is a sign that it needs new pegs.

You don’t need to spend much to buy new pegs. Here we will review the top 6 high-quality pegs that are reasonably priced and worth purchasing.

Top 6 Best Violin Pegs

There are many varieties of pegs, with each product having a different finish, style, and wood. However, ebony pegs are quite popular among violinists because they offer precise, balanced tuning.

EMART Ebony4.2
Perfection P1VN444.2
Sky Music Rosewood4.1
Violin Parts Ebony4
Sky Ebony Dragon4
Wittner Slim Finetune3.6

1. EMART Full-Size Ebony Pegs

4/4 Ebony Violin Tuning Pegs Set (Set of 4)

EMART offers a variety of products to its customers. You might feel surprised to see this set of 4 tuning pegs at an incredibly low price. From its sturdy construction to the use of real ebony, each portion of this product speaks for its quality. These tuning pegs will stay with your violin for a long time.

For the custom fitting, you can drill these pegs per your requirements.


  • Use of ebony
  • Highly durable


  • Inexpensive
  • Great replacement over plastic pegs


  • You may need professional help to make them fit properly

2. Perfection Full-Size Violin Pegs

Perfection Planetary Violin Pegs Set For Violin, 4/4 Size peg hole at less than 7.8mm diameter

If your old pegs continuously go out of tune, you might consider replacing them with these Perfection violin pegs. After installation, these pegs hardly slip off. They stay in place for most time, ensuring you get smooth and stable playing.

You can use glue to install them properly. However, we suggest you look for professional help to fix these pegs.


  • Prevents slipping
  • Improves sound quality


  • Easy to tune
  • Unique, stylish design


  • Hard to take out

3. Sky Music Carved Violin Fittings

Carved Rosewood Violin Fittings Pegs/Tailpiece/Chinrest/Endpin/Creamy Tip & Ring

This product is a fantastic entry into this list. It comes as a set of different violin fittings, including a chinrest, tailpiece, endpin, and four tuning pegs. All these parts are beautifully carved in rosewood.

Unlike the previous product, you don’t need to take out the fine tuners while using these pegs. Both new players and professional violinists can go for this set.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Use of premium-quality rosewood


  • Antique look
  • Designed to last for a long time


  • The size of the pegs should be increased

4. Violin Parts – Set of Ebony Parts

1set Violin Ebony Parts Tailpiece Endpin 4 Pegs Chinrest for 4/4 Violin Parts

It is another elegant product that comes as a set of different violin parts. This set includes all essential components, as seen in Sky Music’s product. However, the only notable difference is that all parts of this product are made from ebony.

You may seek professional help drilling these pegs according to your violin type.


  • Made from ebony
  • Improves sound quality


  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to install


  • Little bit tight pegs

5. Sky Violin Parts

Ebony Violin Parts Set 4/4 Size DragonPattern Tailpiece Endpin Peg Chinrest New

If you want to buy a set of ebony-carved violin parts in a dragon pattern, this product could be the right fit for you. The entire set is available in eight options, with each option designed with a different color and style.

The best thing is that you can buy all these parts either separately or as a complete set.


  • Made from natural ebony
  • Unique dragon pattern


  • All parts perfectly match the violin


  • Average quality

6. Wittner Slim Violin Peg

Wittner 3/4-4/4 Slim Finetune Violin Peg

Wittner is famous for manufacturing unique, top-quality tuning pegs. This peg is uniquely designed to meet the needs of professional violinists who change their tunes more often.

This peg may not be the cheapest product on this list but is worth purchasing for its high quality.


  • Made of best-quality composite
  • Easy to tune


  • It doesn’t slip off
  • Maintains tension on strings


  • Quite expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop violin pegs from slipping?

First, ensure your pegs are correctly fitted to the violin. If your pegs slip more often, you can use peg drops that work as a lubricant.

Why do violin pegs slip?

Improper installation of strings and unfavorable climate conditions (humidity) are two main reasons behind the slipping of violin pegs. Over-tuning of violin strings may also result in the slipping or breaking of pegs.

Which material should I look for when choosing violin pegs?

Many luthiers and professional violinists suggest the use of wooden pegs. These pegs are usually made of ebony, rosewood, or boxwood. Note that you will also find cheap pegs made of plastic. However, you should avoid such low-quality pegs as they often tend to lose the string tension more often.

How to grease violin pegs?

Greasing your violin pegs is an easy task. All you need is a lubricating paste. Firstly, take all pegs out of the violin. After that, apply the paste on a part that goes into the pegbox. Before setting the strings back, turn the greased pegs in each direction for some time.

Our Top Pick

Of course, we would like to pick Sky Music Carved Violin Fittings that includes four high-quality pegs along with other violin parts. Each part included in this package has an impressive look, especially the tuning pegs that have elegant looking rings and a creamy tip. These pegs are uniquely designed to fit perfectly into the violin.

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