Music is one of those inventions of humankind that can make humans realize the depth of emotions that no other activity on this planet can. And some instruments which make music can single-handedly do that wonder.

The 11 World Famous Violinists of All Time

They don’t even need the help of vocal artists or some other tools to compliment. The vibrations they create alone are enough to make that magic. The Violin is one of those instruments.

Top 11 Famous Violinists

If you are to make a list of a certain number of top violinists of all time, you can’t do that by doing justice to all the artists who ever played this magical instrument called Violin. There is only one way to sort this list, that is by sorting their perception among audiences.

Here is the list of 11 world’s most famous violinists who did manage to communicate their art most efficiently.


If you observe closely, there is one thing common among all these master artists: their stories’ richness, how they came into the scene and ruled the stage once they got an opening. That is probably why these violinists are celebrated and remembered for their work and their life beyond work.